We have established collaboration agreements with a number of well-respected research groups

Spencer Ringwood

Research Animal Technician

Spencer received his degree in Biology from Brigham Young University (BYU). He began his career working in an animal hospital and has since transitioned to the Lab Animal Care field. He has 3 years’ experience working with animals and is experienced in anesthesiology, venipuncture, and medication administration with both large and small mammals. He has received both hands on training and online training via workshops, AALAS learning library, and webinars.

Vincent Serrano

Animal Husbandry Technician

Vincent received his degree in Biology with an emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of California Merced. He was the President of the Pre-Veterinary Club and organized the administration of vaccines for non-profit organizations helping to prevent the spread of parvovirus in the Central Valley. Vincent recently transitioned into Lab Animal Care. He has 1 year of experience with Acculab. He’s received hands on training as well as online training via workshops, AALAS learning library and various webinars.

Sara Borough

Animal Husbandry Technician

Sara graduated with a BS in marine biology with a minor in chemistry from UCSD. She is an aspiring Veterinarian who worked as a room nurse in a veterinary hospital setting. Her experience includes taking vitals, helping administer treatments, giving fluids and performing injections. She recently transitioned into the lab animal field and has worked with Acculab for 6 months. She’s received hands on experience as well as online training via workshops, AALAS learning library, and various webinars.

Maurisa Smith

Animal Husbandry Technician

Maurisa received her BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology from CalState, San Marcos. She has 4+ years of animal care experience in non-research settings and has recently transitioned into the lab animal field. Maurisa has worked with Acculab for 1 year and has received both hands on training, as well as online training via workshops, AALAS learning library, and various webinars.

Emma Guizar

Animal Husbandry Technician

Emma is a pre-nursing student with an interest in animal care. She has less than 1 year experience with Acculab, but has received full training via AALAS learning library, hands on experience, webinars, and online training.

Emmanuel Padilla

Administrative Assistant/Customer Service

Emmanuel is a San Diego native with 2 years of experience working for Acculab as an Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Representative. He is currently pursuing a degree in business.

Reyna Jimenez

Operating Room Supervisor

Reyna graduated with highest honors from UC Davis with a degree in Animal Biology. During her undergraduate education she published research in the Journal of Dairy Science assessing the efficacy of a common topical analgesic. Reyna then went on to work at a companion animal hospital for 2 years prior to transitioning to research. Since starting at Acculab, Reyna has transitioned from a Research Animal Technician Role to the position of OR supervisor, she has assisted many clients with their studies both in and outside the OR, she has also been a valuable asset in facilitating several GLP studies.

Blanca Rios

Controller/Business Manager

With over 10 years of experience in private and public accounting, Blanca is responsible for oversight of our accounting department.

Blanca holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from San Diego State University (SDSU). She holds an accounting certificate from SDSU and is working on getting her CPA license. While working at a CPA firm Blanca gained experience in commercial, residential, government and non for profit accounting.

Kristen Evans

Vivarium Supervisor

Kristen received her BS in Marine Biology from Hawaii Pacific University. She recently moved to the San Diego area in pursuit of animal-based research. She has worked with Acculab for 1.5 years with half of that time operating as Lead technician for the animal care team. She has recently accepted a role as the Vivarium Supervisor and looks forward to continuing her education through AALAS certifications, online coursework, and webinars.

Jason Woolridge

Vivarium Operations Manager

Jason received his BS in Animal Physiology and Behavior from Arizona State University. During his undergrad, he worked under the supervision of Dr. Mcgraw performing live animal capture and husbandry for European House Finches in the animal vivarium at ASU. Jason started his career at the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation, an AZA accredited facility in Phoenix Arizona in the education department. He simultaneously offered volunteer services as a quarantine manager for the Phoenix Herpetological Society as well as a Ponds and Carnivore Keeper for the Wildlife World Zoo. Jason has 8+years’ experience in animal care, with 4+ years working as an Animal Technician, Vivarium Supervisor, and Vivarium Manager. He is Radiation Safety Officer certified, and RALAT certified with plans to continue through the entire AALAS program.